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  • What electronic banking products are on offer?
    • We offer our customers various electronic banking products to meet their requirements:

      GIM/VISA cards:

      • Visa GOLD card for VIPs
      • Visa ELECTRON card for all bank customers

      GIM-UEMOA cards

      • GABOUTOU card for savers
      • GALAXIE card for all customers

      PRIVATE cards:

      • AVENIR card for students

      PREPAID GIM-UEMOA cards:

      • Prepaid CONFORT, SÉRÉNITÉ and LIBERTÉ cards, for all customers

      PREPAID GIM/VISA cards:

      • For all customers
  • What electronic banking services are on offer?
    • The electronic banking services on offer are notably: 

      • cash withdrawal at Automated Teller Machines

      • Cash Advance withdrawal at EPTs

      • payment in stores at EPTs

      • online payment

      • balance inquiry at Automated Teller Machines

      • mini statement print-out at Automated Teller Machines

      • lost or stolen card cancellation

      • card deactivation

      • prepaid card reloading

      • card-to-card fund transfer

      • bank card overdraft facility

  • How does electronic banking work?
    • For the cardholder, electronic banking works:

      • with an ATM for cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, mini-statement print-out;
      • with an EPT for Cash Advance withdrawal or payment in store and online.


      For the retailer, electronic banking works:

      • with the bank (procedure to join the retailer facility);
      • with banks for direct debits;
      • with customers for purchase payments.


      For international issuers, electronic banking works:

      • with banks issuing cards;
      • with receiving banks;
      • with retailer.
  • What are the different aspects or types of electronic banking?
    • The different aspects or types of electronic banking are: 

      • Private

      • Subregional (also known as "domestic" within the UEMOA) 

      • International (VISA, MASTERCARD, etc.) 

  • What formats of bank cards exist?
    • The different formats of bank cards are:

      Magnetic stripe cards 
      Chip cards
      Magnetic stripe/chip cards

  • What should I do if my bank card is lost or stolen?
    • If your bank card is lost or stolen, you must immediately notify the bank by calling (228) 22 34 42 19, then send written confirmation by registered post. If your card is stolen, you must also file a complaint with the police.

  • Do you have practical advice on card use?
    • Practical advice for using your bank card:

      1. Insert your card.
      2. Choose the desired language: French/English/Portuguese.
      3. Enter your PIN code.
      4. Follow the instructions on the screen.
      5. Keep your PIN code secret: do not write it down anywhere or disclose it to anyone, even to your bank, the police or insurance companies, especially over the phone.
      6. Make sure no-one is looking when enter your PIN code: you can use your other hand to shield the keypad, in particular when using payment terminals.
      7. Do not let yourself be distracted when withdrawing cash, including by people offering help; make sure you do not enter your PIN code in front of them.
      8. Keep your card in a safe place. Your card is strictly personal and must not be lent to anyone, not even family.
      9. Keep payment and withdrawal receipts to check against your bank statements.
      10. Regularly check your bank statements and immediately report any irregularities to your bank.
      11. Always keep an eye on your card when paying in a store.
      12. Note the 16 numbers on the card and its expiry date and keep them in a safe place to facilitate cancelling if your card is lost or stolen.
      13. Write down the telephone numbers for the bank's customer service centre or interbank server, accessible 24/7.
  • How is security ensured?
    • Security is ensured via the following points: 

      1. Checking of authorisations (limits, products authorised by the profile, type of transaction, etc.).
      2. Date of validity.
      3. Checking of card information (password, physical, stripe, chip, algorithm, BIN code, card number, etc.).
      4. Checking of black lists, etc.
  • Who are the parties involved in electronic banking?
    • The banks: issuing and receiving banks.
      The customer: the cardholder.

      The retailer: accepting the card.
      International issuers (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, DINERS, etc.):

      • these are associations or companies which are not banks, but which bring into contact the customers of affiliated banks via their communication networks, as well as their expertise;
      • establish the rules and procedures used as electronic banking standards;
      • oversee the application of international rules and carry out arbitration in case of dispute.
  • How do I open an account?
      • Be of legal age and not prohibited.
      • Provide four identity photos.
      • Provide the company statutes and registration card.
      • Provide valid proof of identity (NIC, passport or residence permit).
      • Provide an electricity, water or phone bill.
      • Have a geographical address, a phone number and/or an email address.
      • Contact the Commercial Management team in Lomé on (228) 22 23 43 00 or visit one of our branches throughout the country (see Branches) or contact us by email:
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